Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

RSS FAO - APFIC - NACA Regional Consultation on the Sustainable Intensification of Aquaculture in Asia-Pacific

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The world population is forecast to reach more than 9 billion by 2050. To maintain our food supply global agricultural output must increase by around 60% from present levels. Our starting position is that globally around one billion people are suffering from hunger and poverty right now. More than half of them, 578 million, live in the Asian region.

The objective of the consultation was to develop a regional strategic policy framework to guide national governments and regional organizations in promoting sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region. The consultation also identified priority actions and, where possible, practical measures for their implementation.

The consultation specifically focussed on intensifying aquaculture through more efficient use of resources and environmentally sound practices. Farm productivity and environmental performance must be improved through a combination of forward-looking policies, better management practices and technological improvements, rather than by increasing inputs to the system.

The consultation considered these issues within the prevailing socio-economic context of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region – a sector characterised by large numbers of small-scale, family-operated farms that require special attention if aquaculture is to continue to contribute significantly towards their welfare. Practical interventions must address this reality if real change is to occur.



Aquaculture sustainability: Towards 2030
Rohana Subasinghe (4/03/2013)
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Marine capture fisheries as a source of food for aquaculture in the Asian region
Simon Funge-Smith (4/03/2013)
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Genetic improvement as a promising tool in the sustainable intensification of aquaculture
Robins McIntosh (4/03/2013)
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Carbon footprint to move towards sustainability
Rattanawan Mungkung (4/03/2013)
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Promising aquaculture technologies for sustainable intensification
Peter Edwards (4/03/2013)
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Trade, markets and value chain management for the sustainable intensification of Asian aquaculture
Fahmida Khatun (4/03/2013)
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Application of aquaculture planning and management tools for sustainable intensification of aquaculture
Ramesh Perera (4/03/2013)
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Small farmers: Better practices and challenges in moving towards sustainability
CV Mohan, Brian Davy (4/03/2013)
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Sustainable ethical aquaculture trade
David Little (4/03/2013)
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The role of the private sector in sustainable aquaculture
Dan Fegan (4/03/2013)
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Sustainable intensification - farmer group perspective
Pinyo Kiatpinyo (4/03/2013)
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