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Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Centre (BADC), Situbondo, Indonesia

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The main role of BADC Situbondo is applied brackishwater fish and invertebrate culture technology as well as the development of seed and broodstock resources and environmental conservation. Responsibilities include:

  • To evaluate, assess and supervise the application of standards connected with the breeding and culture of brackishwater organisms.
  • To evaluate standards for, and the implementation of, certification for quality control systems and the certification of personnel in connection with the breeding and culture of brackishwater organisms.
  • To evaluate systems and management for the production and husbandry of broodstock for brackishwater aquaculture.
  • To undertake applied research in the fields of brackishwater aquaculture.
  • To evaluate standards for seed quality control, farming practices and the control of pests and diseases of brackishwater organisms.
  • To evaluate standards for environmental impact control, brackishwater broodstock and seed resources.
  • To implement a laboratory network system for testing/specimen examination, seed quality surveillance and the culture of brackishwater organisms.
  • To manage and provide access to information and publications on the breeding of brackishwater organisms and aquaculture related subjects.

Research, development and extension activities

The centre's activities include:

  • The production of high quality shrimp broodstock, nauplii and post larvae as well as marine finfish eggs, larvae and fingerlings.
  • Applied aquaculture technology.
  • Fish disease and environmental laboratory services.
  • Fish nutrition laboratory services.
  • Live feed laboratory services.
  • Dissemination of aquaculture information and technology.
  • Aquaculture certification.


BADC Situbondo has good infrastructure and facilities, including:

  • Finfish division: broodstock tanks, ponds, larval rearing tanks, quarantine tanks, live food culture tanks, seawater reservoir, floating cages and laboratory facilities.
  • Shrimp division: spawning tanks, larval rearing tanks, live food culture tanks, seawater reservoir, and laboratory facilities.
  • Aquaculture division: brackishwater ponds, nursery ponds, reservoir ponds, and laboratories.

BADC Situbondo has excellent training facilities for grouper hatchery production technology, including:

  • Indoor hatchery system for marine finfish: 12 units x 10 ton capacity.
  • Live feed tanks, including for phytoplankton (12 units x 10 ton capacity) and zooplankton (4 units x 10 ton capacity).
  • Broodstock system: 5 units of 300 ton capacity.
  • Artificial feed production facilities.
  • Dormitory with accommodation for 30 people.

In addition, the centre has good research equipment including microscopes to allow trainees to observe the eggs and larval development and to identify various types of phytoplankton and zooplankton, etc.

Human resources

BADC Situbondo has a total of 97 personnel including six with master degree and 36 with bachelor degree.

Training activities

BADC Situbondo has hosted the APMFAN Regional Grouper Hatchery Production training course for the last four years. Other recent training activities funded by the DGA in Jakarta have included:

  • Live and artificial feed production for small scale hatcheries.
  • White shrimp hatchery production.
  • Detection of viral disease by PCR techniques.
  • Better management practices for white shrimp culture.
  • HACCP implementation for shrimp culture certification.
  • HACCP implementation for shrimp culture certification.
  • Better management practices on white shrimp culture.
  • Fish and shrimp disease diagnosis.
  • Multi-species fish hatchery production.

Contact information

Mr Slamet Subiyakto, Director
Balai Budidaya Air Payau
Jl. Raya Recaron
PO Box 5 Panarukan
Situbondo 68351, East Java
Tel: +62 338 673328
Fax: +62 338 390299
Email: bbapstbd 'at'

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