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Mariculture Development Centre (MDC), Lombok, Indonesia

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  • To evaluate, assess and supervise the application of standards for mariculture, both in terms of breeding and farming activities.
  • To evaluate the standards for, and the implementation of, certification for quality control systems and the certification of personnel in connection with the breeding and culture of marine organisms.
  • To evaluate mariculture systems and management for the production and selection of parent and grandparent marine broodstock.
  • To conduct assessments of marine hatcheries and farming activities.
  • To evaluate the standards for the control of breeding and farm production, including the control of pests and diseases of marine organisms.
  • To evaluate standards for monitoring the mariculture environment and for the conservation of mariculture seed and broodstock habitat/resources.
  • To conduct a network system for laboratory assessment and control of marine hatcheries and farming.
  • To develop and manage a mariculture information system.
  • To provide administrative services.

Research, development and extension activities

The centre's regular activities include:

  • Experiments and trials at a commercial scale.
  • Field observations and laboratory analysis for disease and environmental monitoring.
  • Seed/fry production.
  • Training and technology dissemination.
  • On site demonstration farming.
  • Collaboration and information exchange.

Species under development include:

  • Finfish: Currently, MDC Lombok is able to produce fingerlings of two grouper species, mouse grouper Cromileptes altivelis and tiger grouper Epinphelus fuscoguttatus, but production is limited. Nursery and grow-out of both species are also being conducted at Sekotong station.
  • Seaweed: Ptilophosa sp., Pterocladia sp., Euecheuma spinosum and Kappaphycus alvarezii are the subject of applied research and development.
  • Molluscs: MDC Lombok was the first DGA centre to successfully produce abalone seed and is currently producing two species, Haliotis asinina and H. diversicolor. Production capacity for seed is about one million seed per year. The centre is also developing pearl oyster Pinctada maxmima for aquaculture.
  • Crustaceans: MDC Lombok is involved in the development of lobster farming with their involvement in a new ACIAR project which is linked to ongoing lobster aquaculture research in Australia and Vietnam. The centre is researching aquaculture of the painted rock lobster Panulirus ornatus and sand lobster P. polyphagus.


MDC Lombok is currently renovating its office building with an auditorium, and is also building more aquaculture facilities such as a nursery system for abalone. MDC Lombok has two stations and the facilities for both stations are listed below:

Gerupuk Station

Dormitory for 20 people, seaweed store, sports centre, indoor and outdoor hatcheries, office building, library, laboratory for quality assessment and algae laboratory. This station does not work on marine finfish species.

Sekotong Station

Dormitory for 30 people, indoor and outdoor hatcheries (consist of both fiberglass tanks and concrete tanks with capacity of 5 - 10 cubic meters), outdoor broodstock facilities (2 - 150 cubic meter concrete tanks and 8 - 15 cubic meter fiberglass tanks), 8 units of floating cages (4x4x3m), long line pearl farming system, laboratory for fish health and environmental management, sports centre, library and algae laboratory.

Human resources

MDC has a total of 45 personnel including four with master degree and 10 with bachelor degree.

Training activities

MDC carries out training courses on request. Commonly the requests come from Nusa Tenggarra districts and other province such as Papua and Timor. Training courses carried out in MDC include:

  • Breeding of marine finfish, particularly grouper species.
  • Grouper cage culture.
  • Seaweed farming.
  • Pearl oyster breeding and grow out.
  • Abalone breeding.

Contact information

Mr Sarafin, Director
Balai Budidaya Laut Lombok
Stasiun Sekotong, Dusun Giligenting
Desa Sekotong Barat, Kabupaten Lombok Barat
PO Box 1 Sekotong, Lombok Barat
Nusa Tenggara Barat 83365, Indonesia
Tel: +62-370-6608290
Fax: +62-370-639189
Email: nsc_lokalombok 'at'

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