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NACA is pleased to announce three job vacancies, please see the separate notices for:

Please submit applications by 31 July.


Website update - changes

Posted by Simon Wilkinson | 9/1/2013 | 3315 reads | Tags: General

We have just upgraded the NACA website to offer a few new services and also made a few changes to reflect actual usage of the site. The new features are:

  • A Journals section, accessible from the main menu. This displays the current table of contents and abstracts of most major aquaculture journals, so you can browse them here at your convenience. Full papers can be obtained via links through to the publisher's websites.
  • A sitewide subject tagging system has been developed, which allows you to find related content easily. This is currently available for the news, projects and partners sections and we are working to include publications and podcasts as well.
  • The Podcast section of the website will now offer both audio and video podcasts. In addition to listening to presentations you will be able to watch the accompanying powerpoint slides at the same time. Our first batch of videos are currently in production and should be online in a few weeks. The days of needing to physically attend a NACA workshop are nearly over!
  • A publications RSS feed is now available, so if you want to stay up to date you can subscribe using your favourite RSS feed reader programme. A timeline page has been added, which allows you to browse publications by release date, going back to November 2003. The publications section has actually had a very big overhaul but we need to go back and re-index all the 1,000 or so publications to take advantage of the new features, so that will be a while coming.
  • A dedicated Partners section has been added to the site, which will feature profiles of participating network centres in addition to the regional lead centres. These will be added gradually as they are produced.
  • A dedicated Projects section has been added, which provides a one-page dossier of each current project including background, news and publications. Completed projects are archived for future reference.
  • Lastly, a contact form has been added through which you can send email to the Secretariat regarding NACA activities. Please note that conditions apply, ie. we are unable to provide personalised technical advice through this chanel.

One major section of the website has been removed, the public forums. We appreciate that not everyone will be happy about this, however the forums were a long-running experiment that just didn't work out. So for the moment they have been discontinued and all user accounts associated with them have been permanently closed. We are investigating easier alternative mechanisms for community participation, such as integration with Facebook, so we may try again further down the road.

If you find any problems or presentation issues with the new website, the Editor would greatly appreciate it if you could send an email describing the issue and a link to info 'at'



Aquaculture community mourns Prof. M.C. Nandeesha

Posted on 17/12/2012 | 8356 reads | Tags: General
Appeal for M.C. Nandeesha

Update: We regret to inform that our dear friend Prof. Nandeesha passed away on 26 December. We would like to express our condolences to his wife and family. It is a very great loss for the aquaculture community, his friends and students, also, and he will be sorely missed by many.



SEAT Project: 2 Weeks Travelling Around Bangladeshi Shrimp Farms: Loni's Blog

Posted on 17/12/2012 | 3660 reads | Tags: General
Loni Hensler

Loni Hensler is spending two weeks travelling in southern Bangladesh for the SEAT Project (Sustaining Ethical Aquaculture Trade), visiting shrimp farms and people within the value chains who are supplying shrimp and freshwater prawns into european markets and consumers. Read below on her day by day impressions and views of this area of Bangladeshi shrimp seafood culture and the range of people who work and get incomes from this sector.

SEAT is also on daily updated Facebook site.


Got a story for Aquaculture Asia Magazine?

Posted on 19/11/2012 | 4822 reads | Tags: General

We are looking for interesting stories about aquaculture development in the Asian region, particularly in terms of the human aspects of development – the people involved and the changes it has made to their lives and communities. We would particularly like to hear from colleagues in South-east Asian countries, whose work is often under-represented in aquaculture publications. If you have a story to tell please email it to magazine ‘at’, along with some large, high-quality photographs of your subjects. Please prepare articles in line with our Guidelines to authors.


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