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Coastal Aquaculture Authority To Be Set Up In India

Posted on 10/5/2005 | 2477 reads | Tags: General
The Rajya Sabha on Thursday passed the Coastal Aquaculture Authority Bill, 2004, for the regulation of all activities relating to coastal
aquaculture. The export-oriented, employment generation activity has an annual turnover of about Rs. 6,000 crore.
Moved by Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar, the Bill empowers the Centre to regulate coastal aquaculture so that it shall not be detrimental to the coastal environment and will protect the livelihood of the people living along the coast.

The Bill envisages the setting up of a 10-member coastal authority that shall make regulations for the construction and operation of coastal aquaculture farms, their registration and the removal or demolition of farms for specific reasons. It provides for the appointment of a one-man authority to determine the compensation to workers if farms are to be removed or demolished.

(Source: The Hindu, May 4, 2005)

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