Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Literature Review on the potential contribution of fish-related activities to food and nutritional security and poverty alleviation

Author(s): AFSPAN Project | Published: 11/2/2013 | 6780 views
The objective of this document is to review the literature that has been published so far on the potential contribution of fish-related activities (aquaculture and fisheries) to food and nutritional security and poverty alleviation. This body of literature –which is found essentially in the aquaculture/fisheries literature, but also for some parts in the nutrition literature- turns out to be relatively heterogeneous and scattered, relying on different types of indicators and data. This information, which has been generated by different methodologies, applied at various scale (household, community, national levels), offers therefore very limited possibility for rigorous comparison or aggregation across projects, location or countries.

In this report the task consisted in collating these analyses and producing the first comprehensive overview of the data and methods used to assess and quantify the role of aquaculture in improving food, nutrition and livelihood in Low Income and Food Deficient countries (LIFDCs). As part of this process, those different analyses were assessed and particular attention was paid to highlight not only the information generated but also the gap in knowledge where more research is needed.

Sixty five documents (peer-reviewed articles, project reports, international agencies’ reports) were identified and reviewed. To maximize the range of the assessment, the review included both aquaculture and fisheries documents. The complete list of these documents is presented at the end of this document.

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