Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Impacts of irrigation and aquaculture development on small-scale aquatic resources

Published: 11/12/2003 | 2336 views
Kai Lorenzen, Sophie Nguyen Khoa, Caroline Garaway, Robert Arthur,
Geoff Kirkwood, Bounthanom Chamsingh, Douangchith Litdamlong, Nick Innes-Taylor, Darrell Siebert

Small-scale aquatic resources play an important but poorly quantified role in the livelihoods of rural people in many developing countries, and are also important reservoirs of biological diversity. We conducted a field study in Southern Laos to quantify small-scale aquatic resource, and to assess the impacts of (small-to medium
scale) irrigation and aquaculture development on these resources.

Focusing Small-scale Aquaculture & Aquatic Resource Management on Poverty Alleviation

Published: 19/11/2003 | 2225 views
There has been a growing awareness within the aquatic resource sector of the need to address poverty more specifically and more strategically. The Expert Consultation was organized in order to provide field-level professionals in Asia with a unique opportunity to come together to share experience on working in the field of poverty alleviation and aquaculture, and to prepare a platform for future networking. Includes a series of recommendations. (850 KB)

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