Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

NACA Newsletter October-December 2012

Published: 4/11/2012 | 3847 views
* Outcomes of emergency consultation on shrimp early mortality syndrome / AHPNS

* Workshop on Aquaculture Planning and Management Tools

* Workshop on Proficiency Testing Programme for Aquatic Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratories in Asia-Pacific

* AFSPAN Project gets underway

NACA Newsletter January-March 2012

Published: 1/1/2012 | 1228 views
* 10th Meeting of the Asia Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health

* Flood

* Shrimp Price Study, Phase III: Case studies in Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh

* The Sultanate of Oman Embarks on Aquaculture Development

* FAO Technical Guidelines on Use of Wild Fish as Feed in Aquaculture

* New issue of Asian Fisheries Science and Asian Fisheries Society on Facebook

NACA Newsletter July-September 2012

Published: 30/6/2012 | 1623 views
* Aquaclimate Project gets thumbs up from regional workshop on climate change.

* Developing climate resilient aquaculture: The Aquaclimate Project.

* Regional framework for cooperation on climate change.

* Emergency regional consultation on shrimp early mortality syndrome, 9-10 August, Bangkok.

* Regional study/workshop on adoption of aquaculture assessment tools for sustainability.

* Regional proficiency testing for aquatic animal disease diagnostic laboratories.

NACA Newsletter April-June 2012

Published: 31/3/2012 | 1729 views
* Putting Gender on the Programme of NACA.

* Proceedings ofthe Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010 available for download.

* Peter Edwards to mentor the new Sustainable Farming Systems Programme.

* International Fisheries Symposium, 6-8 December, Can Tho, Vietnam.

* Broodstock management training course launched by NACA and UNU-FTP.

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