Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol. XVI, No. 4 October-December 2011

Published: 6/12/2011 | 3937 views
  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Visit to the AwF funded small-scale aquaculture project in Nepal
  • Success story of the Barakhandapat Ornamental Fish Breeding Unit, at Patna cluster of Keonjhar, Odisha, India
    Swain, S.K., Ikmal, S.S., Parida, S., Patro, B., Sahoo, S.K., Rajesh, N., Meher, P.K., Jena, J.K. and Jayasankar, P.
  • From Kyoto 1976 to Bangkok 2000 and Phuket 2010: Aquaculture Development and Personal Transitions
    Davy, F.B. and De Silva, S.S.
  • Embryonic and larval development of Waigieu seaperch (Psammoperca waigiensis)
    Hung, P.Q. and Nam, D.X.
  • Culture feasibility of freshwater mullet Rhinomugil corsula in ponds in India
    Radheyshyam, Chattopadhyay, D.N. and Sarkar, S.K.
  • Management in seed production of an endangered catfish, Horabagrus brachysoma during its hatchery phase
    Sahoo, S.K., Giri, S.S., Chandra, S. and Paramanik, M.
  • NACA Newsletter

Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol. XVI, No. 3 July-September 2011

Published: 31/8/2011 | 4029 views
Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Seaweed farming in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Scaling up better management practices: Empowering small scale farmers
Mohan, C.V.

Animal welfare (for farmed fish)…is Asia-Pacific ready?
Leaño, E.M. and Mohan, C.V.

Better management practices for tilapia cage farming in Tien Giang, Vietnam
Nguyen Ngoc Bao Tram, Phu Le Vo

Aquaculture field schools as an extension methodology
Radheyshyam, Saha, G.S. and De, H.K.

Successful seed production of Cobia, Rachycentron canadum, in India
Gopakumar, G., Rao, G.S., Nazar, A.K.A., Kalidas, C., Tamilmani, G., Sakthivel, M., Maharshi, V.A. and Rao, K.S.

NACA Newsletter

Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol. XVI, No. 2 April-June 2011

Published: 18/8/2011 | 4196 views
Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: A visit to Vientianne, Lao PDR

The princess of aquaculture and the plights of the fish farmers
Krishna, R.R., Rao, K.V.P. and Reddy, D.M.

Development of captive broodstock of giant river prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii
Pillai, B.R., Sahoo, L., Lalrinsanga, Mohanty, S. and Sahu, S.

Alien introduction and its impact on native fishery and aquatic biodiversity of West Bengal, India
Chattopadhyay, N.R., Kumari, A., and Sahoo, U.

Ecological impacts of exotic fish species in India
Singh, A.K. and Lakra, W.S.

Farm-made feeds support good growth and survival of the humpback grouper
Shapawi, R., Mustafa, S., Ng, W.-K.

An easy way to hold live fish
Kowarsky, J.

Litopenaeus vannamei introduction: Sound management or expediency?
Regunathan, C. and Kitto, M.R.

NACA Newsletter

Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol. XVI, No. 1 January-March 2011

Published: 27/4/2011 | 4991 views
Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Recent developments and future prospects of inland aquaculture in Asia

Factors influencing in success of Penaeus vannamei culture
Palanikumar, P., Velmurugan, S. and Citarasu, T.

Freshwater prawn farming in a carbon-nitrogen controlled periphyton-based system: A sustainable approach to increase stagnant pond productivity
Asaduzzaman, M., Wahab, M.A. and Verdegem, M.C.J.

Constraints to fish production in community ponds in Orissa, India
Radheyshyam, Saha, G.S., Barik,, N.K., Eknath, A.E.,
De, H.K., Safui, L., Adhikari, S. and Chandra, S.

Continued confidence in inland fisheries development of a Sri Lankan youth begins to pay off

The Asia-Pacific Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Report: 12 years and beyond
Leaño, E.M. and Mohan, C.V.

NACA Newsletter

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