Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol. XIV, No. 2 April-June 2009

Published: 16/5/2009 | 5776 views

Sustainable aquaculture

GLOBALG.A.P. standard in Thai shrimp farms: Mission (im)possible?
Leepaisomboon, T., Chuchird, N., Limsuwan, C., Steenbruggen, E.R., and Mungkung, R.

The Victorian trout industry & the bushfires
Mosig, J.

Small-scale aquaculture in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar
Edwards, P.

The history, status, and future prospects of monosex tilapia culture in Thailand
Belton, B., Turongruang, D., Bhujel, R. and Little, D.C.

Mangroves of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province in southern Thailand: Species diversity, community structure and current status
Amarasinghe, M.D., Dulyapurk, V., Taparhudee, W., Yoonpundh, R. and Jumnongsong, S.

Research and farming techniques

Induced breeding of pacu (Piaractus brachypomus) in captivity with pituitary extract
Chattarjee, N.R. and Mazumdar, B.

Aquatic animal health

Fumonisins - mycotoxins of increasing importance in fish!
Griessler, K. and Encarnação, P.

Genetics and biodiversity

Microsatellite DNA markers, a fisheries perspective. Part 1: The nature of microsatellites
Sekar, M., Suresh, E., Kumar, N.S., Nayak, S.K., Balakrishna, C.

Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Magazine

Formulated feed for tiger grouper grow-out
Rachmansyah, Usman, Palinggi, N.N. and Williams, K.

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol. XIV, No. 4 October - December 2009

Published: 4/12/2009 | 4852 views

Sustainable aquaculture

Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture
Edwards, P.

Mussel farming initiatives in North Kerala, India: A case of successful adoption of technology leading to rural livelihood transformation
Laxmilatha, P., Thomas, S., Asokan, P.K., Surendranathan, V.G., Sivadasan, M.P., and Ramachandran, N.P.

Selective study on the availability in indigenous fish species having ornamental value in some districts of West Bengal
Panigrahi, A.K., Dutta, S. and Ghosh, I.

Aquaculture livelihoods service centres in Aceh, Indonesia:
A novel approach to improving the livelihoods of small scale fish farmers

Ravikumar, B. and Yamamoto, K.

Research and farming techniques

e-Sagu Aqua - an innovative information and communication technology model for transfer of technology for aquaculture
Vimala, D. D., Ravisankar, T., Mahalakshmi, P., and Kumaran, M.

Freshwater pearl crop: an emerging enterprise in the Indian subcontinent
Misra, G., Jena, J. and Kumar, K.

Genetics and biodiversity

Preliminary risk assessment of Pacific white leg shrimp (P. vannamei) introduced to Thailand for aquaculture
Senanan, W., Panutrakul, S., Barnette, P., Chavanich, S., Mantachitr, V., Tangkrock-Olan, N., and Viyakarn, V.

Farmer profile

Aquatic animal health

Asian fish health experts visit Australia
Olsen, L. and Ingram, B. (Fisheries Victoria)

Black gill disease of cage-cultured ornate rock lobster Panulirus ornatus in central Vietnam caused by Fusarium species
Nha, V.V., Hoa, D.T. and Khoa, L.V.

Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network

Effects of the partial substitution fish oil by soybean oil in the diets on muscle fatty acid composition of juvenile cobia (Rachycentron canadum)
Hung, P.D. and Mao, N.D.

Growth response of cobia Rachycentron canadum (Pisces: Rachycentridae) under the hypersaline conditions of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Yousif, O.M.*, Kumar, K.K. and Abdul-Rahman, A.F.A.

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