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Back to Jabarrah

Published: 1/12/2005 | 2327 views
In September 2003, members of the STREAM Initiative had the opportunity to return to Jabarrah, a rural village in West Bengal, India, where the DFID Eastern India Rainfed Farming Project (EIRFP) have been working with local communities for more than eight years, where DFID NRSP have been experimenting with integrated aquaculture and where STREAM recently filmed a case study as part of its project to promote pro-poor policy lessons.

This document is also available in Bengali, Hindi and Oriya

The Kaipara Story

Published: 1/12/2005 | 2380 views
A closer look at the benefits of working together, the evolution of a federation of aquaculture Self Help Groups and a One-Stop Aqua Shop in rural West Bengal

This document is also available in

, Hindi and Oriya

The Kandhkelgaon Story

Published: 1/12/2005 | 2291 views
This is the third story featuring the role of aquaculture and fisheries in the livelihoods of people who are poor in Eastern India. This story describes how women who could no longer make a living from weaving turned to aquaculture. Success came, not just through income generation but by reducing the cost of being poor, by achieving access to more financial products like life insurance and savings. The story highlights the influences that constrain and enhance development, including the value of social capital, the struggle for entitlements, and the sheer bravery and entrepreneurial spirit of people who are poor.

This document is also available in Bengali and Oriya

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