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NACA Agreement

Published: 8/12/2004 | 2321 views
The NACA Agreement is the offical document that describes the formation of NACA, its objectives, functions, the rights and obligations of members, governance and administrative procedures. It was last amended by the 14th Governing Council Meeting in Myanmar, March 2003.

The objectives of NACA

1. The objectives of the Organization shall be to assist the Members in their efforts to expand aquaculture development mainly for the purpose of:

(a) increasing production;
(b) improving rural income and employment;
(c) diversifying farm production; and
(d) increasing foreign exchange earnings and savings.

2. In order to facilitate the achievement of the foregoing objectives, the Organization shall:

(a) consolidate the establishment of an expanded network of aquaculture centres to share the responsibility of research, training and information exchange essential to aquaculture
development in the region;

(b) strengthen institutional and personal links among national and regional centres through the exchange of technical personnel, technical know-how and information;

(c) promote regional self-reliance in aquaculture development through Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries (TCDC); and

(d) promote the role of women in aquaculture development.

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