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Fish Health Section (AFS) Electronic Newsletter, No. 9, January 2012

Published: 9/1/2012 | 1091 views
* Message from the Chair
* The Executive Committee 2012-2014
* Overview of DAAs past and present
* Announcements

Fish Health Section ENewsletter No. 2 - October 2007

Published: 24/10/2007 | 1996 views
* Diseases in Asian Aquaculture VII Website and First Announcement Launched
* Member updates

Recent Meetings/Activities
* OIE Global Conference on Aquatic Animal Health: Defining Roles and Responsibilities, Bergen, Norway 9-12 October 2006.
* FAO/NACA Workshop on Information Requirements for Maintaining Aquatic Animal Biosecurity
* FAO/NACA Expert Workshop on Understanding and Applying Risk Analysis in Aquaculture Production
* FAO/AAHRI/NACA Molluscan Health Management Phase III Training/Workshop
* Aquatic Animal Health Projects in ASEAN
* Strengthening Aquatic Animal Health Capacity and Biosecurity in ASEAN
* Operationalise Guidelines in Responsible Movement on Live Food Finfish

Aquatic Animal Health Regional and International Developments: Emerging Diseases
* FAO/AAHRI/NACA investigates EUS in the Chobe-Zambezi River affecting several countries in Africa
* Disease Investigation of Pearl Oysters in Australia

* Diseases of Tilapia: Web-based publication from Intervet
* Color Atlas of Fish Histopathology, Volume 2
* Aquatic Animal Diseases Significant to Asia-Pacific Identification Field Guide
* Health Management for Responsible Movement of Aquatic Animals
* Extension Manual on Some Important Viruses, Parasites and Bacteria of Aquatic Animals in Latvia
* Checklist of parasites of fishes of Viet Nam

Upcoming publications
* FAO Diagnostic Guide to Aquatic Animal Diseases
* Manual of Procedures for Quarantine of Live Aquatic Animals
* Manual on Pearl Oyster Health Management
* Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture

* Farewell to Dr Darnas Dana

Fish Health Newsletter No. 6

Published: 9/9/2004 | 2210 views
In this issue:

* Member updates
* Orbituaries (Dr. Hisao Philip Arai, Dr. John Fyer)

Project news
* Permanent Advisory Network for Diseases in Aquaculture (PANDA)
* FAO Technical Cooperation Project (Latvia): Improving aquatic animal health and quality and safety of aquatic
* Abalone Health Interest Group

List of upcoming health events

New publications
* Diseases in Asian Aquaculture IV
* Surveillance and Zoning for Aquatic Animal Diseases.
* Capacity and Awareness Building on Import Risk Analysis (IRA) for Aquatic Animals. 2004.
* Manual on Risk Analysis for the Safe Movement of Aquatic Animals (APEC FWG 01/2002)
* The introduction of Penaeus vannamei and P. stylirostris into the Asia-Pacific Region.
* Health management and biosecurity maintenance in white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) hatcheries in Latin America.
* OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code
* Australian Aquatic Animal Disease Identification Field Guide
* Disease cards (KHV, Akoya pearl oyster disease and grouper iridoviral disease)

Past events news
* Building capacity to combat impacts of invasive alien species and associated trans-boundary pathogens, Malaysia
* International Symposium on Koi Herpesvirus Disease, Japan

Fish Health Section Newsletter No. 5

Published: 23/6/2004 | 1763 views
This edition of the FHS Electronic Newsletter is specially dedicated to three friends and colleagues of the Fish Health community who left us in 2003-2004. Drs Akhmad Rukyani, Barry Munday and Roselyn Duremdez-Villaruz will be fondly remembered by the Asian aquatic animal health scientific community and their contributions in the field will always be recognized.

Fish Health Section Newsletter No. 4

Published: 13/5/2004 | 1934 views
Published by the Fish Health Section of the Asian Fisheries Society.

In this issue:

* Member updates
* Health conferences & events
* New health publications
* Jobs and training opportunities

Fish Health Section Newsletter No. 3

Published: 27/2/2004 | 1858 views
Published by the Fish Health Section of the Asian Fisheries Society.

In this issue:

* Focus on Koi Herpes Virus
* ISVEE 10 Outcome/ISAAE and ISVEE 11 News
* FAO TCP ?Health Management of Shrimp Aquaculture in Andra Pradesh?
* Reducing risks of aquatic animal disease outbreaks: Pilot project in Vietnam
* Upcoming health events
* New publication: Diseases in Asian Aquaculture IV

Fish Health Section Newsletter No. 2

Published: 27/2/2004 | 1830 views
In this issue:

* Sixth Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture to be held in
Sri Lanka in 2005
* Upcoming health events

New publications:
* Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals, 4th Edition
* International Aquatic Animal Health Code, 6th Edition
* Suggested Procedures for the Detection and Identification of Certain Finfish and Shellfish Pathogens, 5th Edition
* Veterinary Epidemiologic Research. 2003
* More

Fish Health Section Newsletter No. 1

Published: 27/2/2004 | 1822 views
In this issue:

* Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health

Project news
* ?Health Management in Freshwater Aquaculture"
* ?Shrimp Disease Control and Coastal Management?
* ?Building capacity to combat invasive alien species and trans-boundary pathogens in aquaculture in the ASEAN region?
* ?Assistance to Shrimp Health Management in Latin Americas?
* APEC ?Capacity and awareness building on Import Risk Analysis (IRA) for Aquatic Animals? training workshops
* APEC Feasibility Study on the Establishment of an Inter-Governmental Mechanism for the Development and Management of an Aquaculture Network in the Americas?
* Fish Disease Commission (FDC) of the OIE
* MolluscanHealthOne Email List
* Expert Consultation on ?Surveillance and Zoning for Aquatic Animal Diseases?
* AAPQIS ? Aquatic Animal Pathogen and Information System
* Aquaculture Compendium

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