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Guide for Authors - Aquaculture Asia Magazine

Published: 15/8/2005 | 5329 views

Would you like to write for Aquaculture Asia Magazine, as featured on this website? If you have a story to tell send it in to us - we are always looking for interesting new material. This guide is intended to help you write in a style suitable for our magazine. If you follow it closely in preparing your story you will have a much better chance of being published ! Aquaculture Asia is currently distributed in print, as a free download from this website, and on CD-ROM. Circulation exceeds 12,000 copies per year over four issues. Thank you and we look forward to your contribution. The Editor.

Update: Please submit an abstract with your article. This will be used to index your article in the next version of the NACA website (ie. search results will run on abstract contents), so please make it a good one!

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