Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Shrimp Farming and the Environment

Published: 20/11/2003 | 2840 views
A World Bank, NACA, WWF and FAO consortium program to analyze and share experiences on the better management of shrimp aquaculture in coastal areas by Michael Phillips (NACA), Jason Clay (WWF), Ronald Zweig (World Bank), Carl Gustav Lundin (World Bank) and Rohana Subasinghe (FAO).

Published in InterCoast #39, Spring 2001, "Across Portfolio Learning for Enhancing the Impacts of Integrated Coastal Management"

Shrimp Farming and the Environment (Booklet)

Published: 20/11/2003 | 2524 views
Development of coastal aquaculture, and shrimp farming in particular, has generated debate in recent years over the social and environmental costs and benefits. Rapid expansion of shrimp farming in some countries in Latin America and Asia has focused attention on the need for effective management strategies. A World Bank, NACA, WWF and FAO Consortium program have worked on these issues. There are a number of case studies and reports from the Consortium available at case studies.

Shrimp Farming and the Environment: Can shrimp farming be undertaken sustainably?

Published: 11/12/2003 | 3503 views
This World Bank report was prepared based on a study conducted in 1998. The document provides an analysis of shrimp farming and the recommendations from this report led to the formation of the Consortium program.

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