Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

NACA Newsletter Volume XVIII, No. 3-4, July-December 2003

Published: 24/2/2004 | 2632 views

* Health Advisory Group urges vigilance & preparedness against emerging disease
* New Zealand farmer helps train Asian aquaculturists
* Mr Junaidi Che Ayub
* Global Aquaculture Discussion Forum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
* STREAM Conducts Livelihood Capacity-building in the Philippines, India
* MPEDA/NACA shrimp farmer workshop held in Andhra Pradesh, India
* Learning by Doing - Fisheries and Adaptive Learning
* NACA cooperation expanded to shrimp health management in Vietnam
* 150 people trained in Q3-Q4, 2003
* International Symposium on Freshwater Prawns Held at Kochi, India
* Developing an online aquaculture community for NACA

NACA Newsletter Volume XVIII, No. 2, April-June 2003

Published: 24/2/2004 | 2487 views
* Recommendations of the Aquamarkets Consultation 2003
* EC-funded project targets seafood trade and poverty
* Shrimp disease control and coastal management
* Fisheries and Adaptive Learning project
* Shrimp aquaculture certification: Request for information & advice on a new web site
* Workshop on control and responsible use of alien species
* MPEDA/NACA Technical Assistance on Shrimp Health and Coastal Management
* Changes to the regional list of aquatic animal diseases
* STREAM SAPA Stakeholder Workshop in Hanoi
* Regional Training Course on Grouper Hatchery Production
* Review on low food chain species for marine fish culture
* NACA/Deakin University to visit Indonesia 2-7 April 2003

NACA Newsletter Volume XVIII, No. 1, Jan-March 2003

Published: 14/12/2003 | 2730 views
* 14th NACA Governing Council, Myanmar
* Welcome to NACA's first Associate Member
* NACA Alumni notes - U Minn Thame
* Australian Youth Ambassador
* Assisting in the Development of
* Recirculating Shrimp Farm Technologies
* Nepal to join STREAM Initiative
* NACA Joins Thai IT for Agriculture Forum
* Indigenous Australian aquaculture group visits Thailand
* Bangladesh Fisheries Training and Extension Project tour
* Ugandan farmers train on catfish breeding and culture

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