Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

NACA Newsletter Volume XVII, No. 3, Oct-Dec 2002

Published: 19/11/2003 | 2192 views
* Outcomes of Advisory Group on Health
* New FAO Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific
* Chinese Regional Lead Centre provides training in Rice-Fish farming under China-ASEAN Agriculture Cooperation
* Development of Second Phase of APARIS
* Building the leading source of global information on aquaculture
* AFS/Fish Health Section 5th Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture
* Upcoming training courses

NACA Newsletter Volume XVII, No. 3, July-Sept 2002

Published: 19/11/2003 | 2307 views
* Iran poised to become member
* Indonesia Ministry endorses membership
* NACA and FAO implements Phase II of the Asia-Pacific Regional Program on Molluscan Health Management
* Message to NACA Alumni: Proposed Alumni Network
* Research and Technology for Farmer and Environment Friendly Farming of Marine Fish in the Asia-Pacific
* NACA Organises Four Training courses and Study Tours for Bangladesh in the third quarter

NACA Newsletter Volume XVII, No. 2, April-June 2002

Published: 19/11/2003 | 2104 views
* Roll-out of national aquatic animal health strategies continues
* STREAM concludes inception phase of ?Improved Policy on Aquaculture Service Provision to Poor People? Project in India
* Expert consultation on rapid diagnosis of shrimp viral diseases held in Chennai, India
* ACIAR/NACA Workshop on Feeds and Feeding Constraints in Inland Aquaculture: Research and Extension Priorities
* NACA supports health management in Indian shrimp farming
* Marine Finfish Aquaculture aquaculture programme gears up for workshop
* Launch of Trans-Himalayan Coldwater Fisheries Network Website
* NACA Organizes Emergency Assistance to Indonesia in the Control of a Serious Koi and Common Carp Disease

NACA Newsletter Volume XVII, No. 1, Jan-March 2002

Published: 19/11/2003 | 2274 views
* Governing Council 13 / AFBiS Seminar
* US Consultation sets work agenda for the WB-NACA-WWF-FAO
consortium on Shrimp Farming and the * Environment
* Conclusions and Recommendations of the Joint meeting of AFBiS 2002 and the 13th NACA Governing Council
* FAO/NACA Expert Consultation Focusing on Aquaculture and Small-scale Aquatic Resource Management for Poverty Alleviation
* Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Fair 2002 a huge success
* Nepal develops national strategy on aquatic animal health management
* Shrimp Farming & the Environment Case Studies now available on the web
* NACA implements APEC project on Import Risk Analysis
* MOU on project to prevent disease losses on prawn farms
* Andhra Pradesh Fisheries Minister studies Thai & Malaysian aquaculture systems
* Vietnamese mission evaluates new high value Chinese species

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