Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Aquaculture Asia Magazine April-June 2002

Published: 2/6/2005 | 4785 views
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Sustainable Aquaculture
Prawn farm energy audits and five star ratings.

Development of freshwater fish farming and poverty alleviation: A case study from Bangladesh.

Conservation of endangered fish stocks through artificial propagation and larval rearing technique in West Bengal, India.

Genes and Fish: Supply of good quality fish seed for sustainable aquaculture.

Farmers as Scientists: Sewage-fed aquaculture systems of Kolkata: A century old innovation of farmers

When policy makers begin hearing voices.

Fish farming in rice environments of north eastern India.

Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Aquaculture for poverty alleviation and food security.

Research and Farming Techniques
Aquaculture Fundamentals: The use of lime, gypsum, alum and potassium permanganate in water quality management.

The utilizations of heterosis in common carp in China.

Progress of fish gene technology research in China.

Seed production of Magur Clarias batrachus using a rural model portable hatchery in Assam, India ? A farmer proven technology.

Domestication of tiger prawn gets the thumbs up.

Marine finfish section.

A regional approach to assessing organic waste production by low salinity shrimp farms.

Aquatic Animal Health
Advice on Aquatic Animal Health Care: Visit to intensive vannemei farms in Peru.

What?s new in Aquaculture
Aquaculture calendar.

What?s New on the Web.

News, books and training.

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine July-Sept 2002

Published: 31/7/2005 | 5111 views
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From the Editors desk.

Notes from the Publisher.

Sustainable Aquaculture
Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Aquaculture for Poverty Alleviation and Food Security - Part II.

Shrimp pond waste management.

The role of rural extension in the sustainable development of Chinese aquaculture.

Farmers as Scientists: Diversity enhances profitability and sustainability.

Research and Farming Techniques
Properties of Liming Materials.

Seed Production of Mud Crab Scylla spp.

Genes and Fish: The dilemmas of strain selection.

Seed Production of the Crucifix Crab Charybdis feriatus.

Aquaculture Fundamentals: A general approach to disease treatment & control.

Marine finfish Section
Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network meets in Vietnam.

New APEC Project: Improving Coastal Livelihoods Through Sustainable Aquaculture Practices.

New Network Publications.

Breeding and Seed Production of the Mangrove Red Snapper.

Aquatic Animal Health
APEC, FAO, NACA, and OIE enhance Capacity on Risk Analysis (IRA) in Aquatic Animal Movement in Asia-Pacific region.

Advice on Aquatic Animal Health: Questions & answers on drugs and chemicals.

Responsible use of antibiotics in shrimp farming.

Molecular methods for rapid and specific detection of pathogens in seafood

Practical approaches to health management for cage cultured marine fishes.

What's New in Aquaculture

What's New on the Web.

New publications.

Aquaculture Calendar.

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