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Success Stories in Asian Aquaculture

Published: 28/1/2010 | 12872 views | Untagged

NACA is pleased to announce the release of a new flagship publication, Success Stories in Asian Aquaculture. The stories in this book reflect the unique nature of Asian aquaculture, providing first-time insight into how and why it has become so successful. Overall, the book demonstrates how the resiliency, adaptability, and innovation of small-scale aquaculture farmers have been crucial to this success. It also places aquaculture development in Asia into a wider global context, and describes its relationship to natural systems, social conditions, and economics. The book is unique in its in-depth presentation of primary research on Asian aquaculture, and in demonstrating how aquaculture can have a lasting positive impact on livelihoods, food security, and sustainable development.


Aquaculture Successes in Asia: Contributing to Sustained Development and Poverty Alleviation
Sena S. De Silva and F. Brian Davy

Recent Developments in Rice-fish Culture in China: A Holistic Approach for Livelihood Improvement in Rural Areas
Miao Weimin

Shrimp Farmers in India: Empowering Small-Scale Farmers through a Cluster-Based Approach
N.R. Umesh, A.B. Chandra Mohan, G. Ravibabu, P.A. Padiyar, M.J. Phillips, C.V. Mohan, and B. Vishnu Bhat

Backyard Hatcheries and Small Scale Shrimp and Prawn Farming in Thailand
Hassanai Kongkeo and F. Brian Davy

Cage Fish Culture: An Alternative Livelihood Option for Communities Displaced by Reservoir Impoundment in Kulekhani, Nepal
Tek B. Gurung, Raja M. Mulmi, K.C. Kalyan, G. Wagle, Gagan B. Pradhan, K. Upadhayaya, and Ash K. Rai

Enhancing Rural Farmer Income through Fish Production: Secondary Use of Water Resources in Sri Lanka and Elsewhere
Upali S. Amarasinghe and Thuy T.T. Nguyen

Striped Catfish Aquaculture in Vietnam: A Decade of Unprecedented Development
Nguyen Thanh Phuong and Dang Thi Hoang Oanh

The Genetic Improvement of Farmed Tilapias Project: Impact and Lessons Learned
Belen O. Acosta and Modadugu V. Gupta

The Role of Exotics in Chinese Inland Aquaculture
Jiashou Liu and Zhongjie Li

Synthesis and Lessons Learned
Sena S. De Silva, F. Brian Davy, and Michael J. Phillips

This book will appeal to a wide range of readers. The introduction and conclusion give an excellent general overview of Asian aquaculture, and the individual case studies provide a wealth of new information for specialist readers. Researchers, development workers, and decision-makers, in particular, will be interested in how the Asian experience might be used to strengthen aquaculture development more generally and in other parts of the developing tropics of Latin America and Africa.

Success stories in Asian Aquaculture is edited by by Sena S. De Silva, Director General of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific, and F. Brian Davy, Senior Fellow at the International Institute for Sustainable Development in Canada. You can order hard copies of the book online from the Springer website.

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