Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol IX No. 1, Jan-March 2004

Published: 30/5/2005 | 4150 views | Untagged
In this issue

Sustainable Aquaculture
Aquaculture and food security in Iraq.

Genes and Fish: Natural breeding in captivity - a possibility for conservation of threatened freshwater featherback Notopterus notopterus.

Research and Farming Techniques
Pancham?s tryst with P. japonicus.

Enzymes for sustainable aquaculture.

A review of global tilapia farming practices.

Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Fish culture for the Maya in Yucatan,Mexico.

Farmers as Scientists: Women in Aquaculture and their innovative contributions.

Entrepreneurship problems of shrimp farmers in planning, project preparation and project implementation stages.

Aquatic Animal Health
Advice on Aquatic Animal Healthcare: Strategy for shrimp culture during price crisis.

Marine Finfish Section
Efficiencies in barramundi technology.

What?s New in Aquaculture
Aquaculture calendar.

What?s New on the Web: NACA website - a guide to member services.

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