Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Farmer Participatory Research for Aquaculture in Eastern India. Working Paper No.6.

Published: 30/1/2004 | 1506 views | Untagged
Part of the DFID NRSP Research Project R6759: Integration of Aquaculture into the farming systems of the eastern plateau of India. (1997-2000).

Working Paper 6. Lawrence, A. Farmer Participatory Research for Aquaculture in Eastern India

Over the last ten years a new revolution in agricultural research has developed, bringing in new areas,participants and methodologies. These methodologies can be grouped together as 'farmer paricipatory research', a term which covers a wide range of activities. The activities are introduced and related to the goals of the project, followed by a discussion of the experiences of other projects, which may be helpful in planning future research with farmers.

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