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NACA Newsletter July-September 2011

Published: 31/8/2011 | 1696 views | Untagged
* 22nd Governing Council Meeting and a new Director General.
* NACA receives the Margarita Lizárraga Medal.
* NACA receives Gold Medal Award from the Asian Fisheries Society.
* Special address by Dr E.G. Silas at the inaugural session of the 22nd Governing Council Meeting 9-12 May, Kochi, India.
* Striped catfish farming in the Mekong Delta: A tumultuous path to a global success.
* Sign up for the NACA Email Newsletter.
* Diseases in Asian Aquaculture VIII: Registration and abstract submission open.
* Food safety and biosecurity.
* Ramping up adoption of catfish BMPs.
* Scaling up BMPs: A national workshop.
* 2nd Aquaclimate project meeting.

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