Sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management

Work Plan 2015+

NACA work plan 2015+

The research and development mandate of NACA is addressed through five interlinked thematic work programmes that support sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resource management, policy development and inter-governmental cooperation in the region. These are:

Three additional cross-cutting work programmes facilitate and support implementation of the thematic work programmes:

The NACA Workplan 2015+ is available for download in PDF format, otherwise please browse the other pages from Workplan menu for details about individual work programmes.


The programmes are implemented through the development of projects and activities by the Secretariat in collaboration with participating research centres, member governments and other partners. Individual projects draw heavily on the personnel and facilities of participating centres. Projects are essentially implemented by the centres with the Secretariat acting as a coordinating body. NACA also works in close cooperation with FAO, international donor agencies and other regional and international organisations in implementing the work plan.

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